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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
6:32 pm - The last thing I remember was a large dark object..o.o
Well...I'm back, I think.

I don't remember much but I woke up this morning in my own bed (thankfully)...I'm positive it wasn't a dream. It couldn't have been. It was so strange, I can hardly even describe it.

My boss is fuming at me.

He said I've missed 10 days of work!! How is that possible?

Ok, I've either been knocked out for 10 days or that dream wasn't really a dream.

Nonetheless I am totally perplexed.

Well since I'm probably going to either lose my job or not get paid, I don't know where I'm going to stay now because I can't pay my apartment rent! The landlord came to me today and said he was going to kick me out if I didn't pay by Sunday. T.T

I think I need some thearpy. o.o

Well...if things do get bad, I'll have to leave for the Makai very soon.

Let's just hope I can still keep my apartment and my job...my stupid boss and landlord are such asses. x.x

current mood: depressed

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
3:51 pm - Happy Valentine's Day
Hello everyone, Happy Valentine's Day.

I've been really sick lately so I haven't had much time to post or anything-life is as hetic as usual.

Although, last night, I had this terrible nightmare with this scary-looking youkai who tried to kill me. o.o And I didn't sleep much after that, either. But it's not a big deal, just some dream...

Wow, I am so surprised though, today at my doorstep there were six packages of presents for me, filled with chocolates and gifts! And I got at least 4 deliveries of fresh flowers! It's wonderful to get such things, but I don't know anyone who would give them to me! Maybe some people at work? ...most likely not, but I'd still like to know where all these gifts are from.

I sent out a few cards-just from the addresses I have. Juri-san, Botan-san, Keiko-san, Shizuru-san, and Hinageshi-san should all be getting a little Valentine's card from me. ^^ One of you gave me all the addresses a while back.

Well, I better get ready for work. -_-;;

*edit* I'm leaving work early today also for out little get-together. Can't wait to see you guys!

current mood: content

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Friday, January 30th, 2004
7:11 am - Goodness...
I have been so busy lately with my job I almost forgot about everything...

The house is a complete mess. Counting the fact that I haven't washed dishes for a week and there are 5 loads of clothes to wash, and an odd smell is developing in the kitchen...I hired that weekly maid to come in and tidy up, but she hasn't yet. And my boss is harassing me with so much damn work! ><;;

I heard something about Shizuru-san, it seems like a lot of problems have been creeping up on me lately. I hope she is doing fine now.

Is the sleepover this Friday still on? Please give me a call if it is.

Anyway, yesterday at work was INSANE. I am totally exausted. I am now located in the Fragrance department and I have to deal with all this snobby old women that smell. x.x Tanaka-san, who is my boss, got onto me today about my uniform, because I wore a cute pink scarf with it! He complained about me wearing a hat too, but I can't do anything about that, unless he wants to deal with my ears. And I am NOT going to wear a wig. At closing time, this young guy came up to the counter and asked to look at like 10 different fragrances (and these are only women's fragrances) for his girlfriend. He was totally wasting my time. And then he told me his life story...and so I basically wasted 3 hours of my personal time, and he wound up not buying anything at all! If I didn't have to be so polite to all my customers, I would've just walked off or something. -sigh- But I do make pretty good money in women's fragrances. Lately we've had a lot of Korean tourists visit. o.o They want to bargin for the prices! I can't do that! I could loose my job! So I told this one couple, "We are not allowed to bargin or lower the prices of our merchandise. Price is as marked, I'm sorry." They got so mad and went to my boss and complained that I was being rude! O.o But I told him the true story, we know how a lot of these tourists are. -heavy sigh- This is a totally crazy job. O.O And I just spilled Coke on my uniform!! Dammit!

x.x How much more bad luck can I have? .... -_-

And there's the door. I hope that's the food. And I'm probably going to have to stay up all night cleaning up the house and trying to get this damn stain out of my uniform.


current mood: exhausted

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
4:34 pm - Where has the time gone?
x.x I feel bad for not updating sooner, but I do have a good explanation. ^^ I promise!

Well, I was on a little sight-seeing trip for a while around Japan. It was some experience...I even had to beat up some guy because he was bothering me. Oh, the nerve of these human men, coming from behind me and grabbing me! o.o

Anyway, I was really glad to hear from Keiko-san, Yukina-san, and Juri-san! ^_^ I'm really happy to know some people here in Tokyo, and I'd love to get together with you guys. I've been so lonely! T.T

Here's my address: ....
Here's my phone number: ....

Maybe we can call and get together for some lunch sometime or something! Just don't give my phone number away to anyone, I've been getting prank phone calls from this creepy guy. He keeps on saying he knows me and that he'd like to go out for a drink...o.o

...there's the phone now. It better not be him, otherwise I'll chew him out. (the music hasn't gotten to me yet!) I am not in a good mood...too many bills to pay!! x.x

By the way, I heard about someone named Hinageshi...I hope she is doing alright. I read a few people's journals and they said she was hurt. I hope she is doing well!

current mood: cranky

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
12:08 am - Koto is Here!

Well, hello you! ^.^ This is Koto-san, you know, the cute foxy girl? -cute grin-


I love writing just as much as I love talking, so I'll probably do this from now on! And don't laugh at me....this is my first entry!

In case you didn't know, I am currently living in the Nigenkai, in Tokyo. I'm sure everyone knows where that is. Shibuya-ken is a great place to live, but I almost got harassed the other day! x.x I moved here only for a little while, to get away from all the psychos and demons. But there are plenty of them here too, I am very surprised. -shivers- And it's freezing here!

I have taken a job as a saleswoman at this fancy store, and I have to wear this odd pink uniform every day! -sniffle- And I have to hide my beautiful ears and tail! This scary old man tried to pick me up the other day and I slapped him, but he turned out to be the manager of the store! O.O But I'm still working. You know, maybe I should've taken up that job as a telephone operator...no one can resist my beautiful voice! ^____^

Anyway, the other day when I got off the train to go home, I stopped by a nice little ramen shop on the way for dinner. It was really good. The girl that served me was very familiar though...but she didn't recgonize me or comment or anything, so I just ingored it. It is probably just my imagination. Having my ears cooped up for so long in that redicilous hat do that, you know?

^_^ You know what though? I LOVE Christmas. It's so beautiful. All the trees and snow and happy people-except for the mad crowds that come in to shop. x.x I just had this warm feeling in my stomach when I passed by a park with people ice-skating on it, all the happy children with their rosy cheeks. There's something about this place. And I like it a lot. -sigh- I just wish I could meet someone to spend these holidays with. I feel so lonely! And once I get my paycheck this week, I'm going to buy decorations and a christmas tree as soon as I can! Everyone else at my apartment is doing it!

And one more thing-DO NOT EAT FRUITCAKE!! It is SO nasty! I like cookies and other sweets, but fruitcake is like eating a can of that nasty cat food....errr, that I fed to a cat once. Yeah.

T.T I better go! It's really late and I'm freezing!! -wraps up in a blanket-


current mood: cheerful

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